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Looking for a fashion week job?


How do you get a job during Fashion Week?

Well, that all depends on what you want to do, and where you live (or are willing to travel).


Much depends on:

  • How each fashion week is organized
  • If you want a paid job, or to volunteer (unpaid or minimally paid intern)
  • What you want to do (showcase your designs, model, hair, wardrobe or stage styling, for example)



For example, for fashion week jobs in New York at the centrally organized level, you may want to contact Mercedes Benz, the current organizing body of the event. If the experience is more important to you than a paycheck, you may want to apply at MB to voluteer during New York Fashion Week.




For fashion week jobs in Los Angeles, there is no centrally organizing body. As a result, you may want to inquire to the various show promoters and organizers as listed on the LA Fashion Week schedule.




If you're looking to explore fashion week jobs in London, the official organizing body (the British Fashion Council) has a link for job vacancies at the official London Fashion Week site. But if you don't see any jobs there, don't despair. You can still contact the various promoters who appear on the official London Fashion Week calendar.




What about fashion week jobs in Paris, the fabled "city of lights"? Okay, now it gets a bit trickier. If you don't know French, you may have to start that language course you've been putting off. The official Paris Fashion Week site has an English version, and a good place to start might be the online show schedules. Just google the various shows happening, and see if you can find the organizing bodies. There are also "expat" (expatriate) sites that have job listings, such as Paris Forums, and of course Paris Craigslist, which has Jobs and Gigs listings (try, for example, Jobs > Art, Media, Design, or Gigs > Talent Gigs, or Gigs > Creative Gigs. The "expat community site" Bonjour Paris also has a great classifieds section.




Milan has one of the world's leading fashion weeks. Tips for finding fashion week jobs in Milan are coming soon!




What can we say? In Tokyo, fashion is a way of life. You can count on incredible fashion during Japan Fashion Week. We have some ideas and links for jobs during Fashion Week Japan, so stay tuned.

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