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Looking for a fashion week job?


TOKYO, JAPAN FASHION WEEK|Jobs, Gigs, Casting| 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Mercedes Benz is now organizing Tokyo Fashion Week.


Tokyo is one of our favorite cities for amazing, eye-popping, imminently stylish, cutting-edge fashion.


We have some information on fashion week jobs in Tokyo coming soon. Excuse the delay!


Until then, we recommend the official Tokyo Fashion Week site!

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Want to walk the runway during Fashion Week in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan or Tokyo?


If you don't have a portfolio together, you can create one for free at Model Mayhem.


There are great model castings at (You can even choose by country.)


You can also check for modeling agency casting calls.


And don't forget Model Mayhem gig listings (once you're a member).



If you want to show your designs on the runway, you may be able to apply on the official sites. (Click for each city). Your best bet is to look at past or upcoming event calendars. Find the listed promoters by clicking links, or via Google, and contact them directly. Be especially careful of anyone offering to "sell you a package" to showcase your designs.


While a small submission fee may be reasonable, know that when you pay to showcase your designs on the runway, the cost may outweigh the benfit.


While it's possible you will receive media or other attention, the reputation of "pay to showcase" events is usually in doubt. As a result, less press may attend the event (or even none). However, if you can spare the money, it may be nice to have some video or photographs of your designs on the runway. Be sure your contract with the event organizer ensures you will have professional-quality photos of the event! You may want to bring a "back up" photographer or videographer to be extra sure.


We've assembled some other links and info. to help you find designer jobs during fashion week.



For those looking for stylist jobs during fashion week, we think Model Mayhem is probably "the" place. It's free and sort of the "Facebook of fashion."


Whether you are a hair stylist, makeup artist, stage designer or wardrobe stylist, there are many, many opportunities to explore.