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Looking for a fashion week job?


VOLUNTEER DURING FASHION WEEK|Jobs, Gigs, Casting| 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

We always say it's hard to say "no" to free work!


Which means volunteering is great opportunity.


If you're just getting started in fashion, not being paid isn't necessarily an issue. Quite the opposite. Volunteering at a fashion show or event during any of the fashion weeks means great experience for your resume! It shows dedication and familiarity with some of the processes involved in hosting a live fashion show. So the next time around, you can start looking for paid gigs. What's more, by being on time (or early), cool-headed under pressure, and detail-oriented, you'll make important contacts in the industry.


We have links to help you find volunteer opportunities in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

Fashion Week Jobs by Location

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Fashion Week Jobs in Los Angeles

Fashion Week Jobs in London

Fashion Week Jobs in Paris

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Fashion Week Jobs in Japan

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Fashion Week Jobs by Type

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Fashion Week Styling Jobs (Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Stage Design, etc.)

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Volunteer During Fashion Week

Fashion Week Volunteer Opportunities